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The Driftwood Old Fashioned

The Driftwood Old Fashioned

70 PROOF | 35% ALC/VOL | 375ML | FIVE 2.5OZ SERV

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Let Us Fix You a Brandy Old Fashioned!

Introducing the Driftwood Old Fashioned— a blend of house-distilled and barrel-aged brandy, house-made bitters, and cane sugar. Historically prone to regional variation, an Old Fashioned is often a reflection of where one finds themselves on the map. We were inspired by our proximity to the Willamette Valley to showcase the complex, award-winning terroir and create an Old Fashioned that’s uniquely Oregon. Simply stir with ice, garnish, and enjoy. Want a quick video tutorial? We got you!

More about Driftwood Libations

After a long day at work, not everyone has the time, patience, or know-how to make a balanced cocktail – but thankfully, we do. Our Driftwood Libations Ready-to-Pour Cocktails – take the worry out of cocktail mixing. Hosting some friends for a pre-function cocktail? Our Driftwood Libations makes it simple. Enjoy sipping on a cocktail while preparing dinner? We got your back. Unwinding on your own? Let us fix you a drink!

70 PROOF | 35% ALC/VOL | 375ML | FIVE 2.5OZ SERV

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