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I live in Oregon. Where can I purchase New Deal spirits in-person?​

  • New Deal Bottle Shop: You can purchase our entire line of spirits plus house-made mixers, local cocktail supplies, wine, vermouth beer, cider, garnishes, barware, and more at the Bottle Shop in the distillery in Portland’s Central Eastside. We welcome walk-in customers daily from noon-6pm.
  • Portland Metro Area Markets: You can purchase a seasonal selection of our craft spirits and house-made mixers at many farmers markets, flea markets, and craft markets throughout the Portland Metro area. You can find out when and where to find a New Deal booth on our Events Calendar.
  • State Liquor Stores: Various New Deal spirits are carried in state liquor stores throughout Oregon. You can search for the availability of New Deal spirits at liquor stores near you using the OLCC’s Oregon Liquor Search website. We recommend calling the store before you go to confirm the in-stock status.

I live outside of Oregon. Where can I purchase New Deal spirits in-person?​

We sell our spirits wholesale to distributors out of state who sell select New Deal spirits to bars, restaurants, bottle shops and liquor stores in the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Nevada, Utah, Vermont, Washington, & Washington DC Metro Area.

If you are looking to buy New Deal spirits from a liquor store, grocery store or bottle shop in these states, it is easiest to reach out to our distributor directly. You can download an up-to-date wholesale distributor list for more information.

I live in Oregon. How can I order New Deal spirits online?​

  • Local Pickup: Portland area residents can order online for daily Local Pickup from the Bottle Shop at the distillery in Portland’s Central Eastside. During normal business hours, local pickup orders are ready within one hour. Pull up in our loading zone on SE Salmon Street and we'll bring your order out to you.
  • Local Delivery: Oregon residents in the Portland Metro area can order a selection of items from the New Deal Bottle Shop using our third-party local delivery partners at Lowkel. Enjoy daily contactless delivery, online payment, and live order tracking. Lowkel is a convenient shopping and daily delivery service that allows you to shop from locally-owned retailers in the Portland Metro area.
  • U.S. Shipping: Shipping to residential addresses is available for select New Deal spirits through our third-party retail partners at Barcart. Shipping is currently available to 40+ states. Orders typically ship out from their warehouses on the East and West Coasts within 24 hours of ordering.

I live outside of Oregon. How can I order New Deal spirits online?​

U.S. Shipping: Shipping to residential addresses is available for select New Deal spirits through our third-party retail partners at Barcart. Shipping is currently available to 40+ states. As each state has its own policies regarding the shipment of alcohol (thank you leftover prohibition laws), entering your zip code will determine which products are available for shipping in your area. Orders typically ship out from their warehouses on the East and West Coasts within 24 hours of ordering. See our U.S. Shipping FAQ Section below for more information.

Can I rent your distillery or Bottle Shop for a private event? ​

Yes, we offer several tour and event packages for small groups of 6-12 people as well as, group buyout packages to accommodate up to 25 people.

I have other questions about New Deal Distillery unrelated to purchasing. Any help?

Please head over to the FAQ section on the New Deal Distillery site if you don't see an answer to your question here.

For additional questions or concerns, please Contact Us here.

U.S. Shipping FAQs

PLEASE NOTE: Direct-to-consumer (DTC) Shipping of spirits to residential addresses in the United States is highly regulated by complex and inconsistent state and federal laws. When the pandemic began, many of these laws changed. Some of the laws that changed have become permanent; others have now expired. All information below is as up-to-date as possible. Please note that all info is subject to change.

If you have specific questions about ordering New Deal spirits and can’t find an answer below, please check the FAQ section on the distillery site or Contact Us.

What is your US Shipping policy?

All purchases of alcohol made on this website for shipment to residential addresses in the United States are managed by an independent technology provider, Barcart, and processed & fulfilled by licensed alcohol retailers across the country.

New Deal Distillery is not licensed to ship beverage alcohol to residential addresses in the US and is not involved with the sale or delivery of alcohol products.

Please review the FAQ’s below and Barcart’s terms for more information about orders placed on this website.

If you have issues with an order you placed on this website, please either reply to your order confirmation email or reach out to us at

What is the typical processing time for US Shipping orders?

Most orders are processed within 1-2 business days after placing the order. Delivery time will vary depending on your location, the carrier used by the licensed retailer who processed your order, and external factors that impact shipments.

What states can receive US Shipping orders?

Federal laws prohibit shipping to the following states (list subject to change): Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Massachsetts, Michigan, Mississippi, South Dakota

Can I send US Shipping orders as a gift?

Yes! You can send an order to someone else if both you and they are over the age of 21 – as long as they will be present to sign for the age-verification receipt upon delivery.

Can I ship my package to a PO Box or UPS/Fedex/USPS Store?

Packages cannot be shipped to PO boxes or local carrier locations. Orders that are placed and addressed to these locations will be rejected and refunded. For orders that have been placed to ship to acceptable locations, you may be able to schedule a pick-up at a local carrier location. The best way to do this is to check the tracking link in your order confirmation email and follow the carrier’s instructions.

I realized that no one will be at home to sign for my US Shipping order. What can I do?

Once your package is shipped from our retailer partners you will receive an email with a tracking number. Using the shipping carrier’s website, you can often arrange for delivery during specific hours or request that your order be held at the shipping carrier’s brick-and-mortar store in your area.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Once your order is shipped from the retail partner, you will not be able to cancel your order or change your shipping address through Barcart.

My US Shipping order is taking longer than expected to process. Where is my order?

We’re so sorry to hear that! Although most orders are processed within 1-2 business days, there may be occasional delays depending on product availability.

Your order confirmation email contains a tracking link that has up-to-date information on where your order is at any given moment.

Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions about your order.

How can I cancel my US Shipping order?

Please email right away! Be aware if your order has already been confirmed by a retailer, Barcart cannot guarantee they will be able to cancel your order.

What happens if my US Shipping order is returned?

If the provided delivery address is incorrect, if you refuse delivery, or if delivery is not successful after the final delivery attempt, we will refund you minus any restocking fees incurred. We reserve the right to withhold the shipping costs in addition to the costs of the shipment's return from the refund. 

I need to change the Ship To address on my US Shipping order.

Please email right away! Be aware if you’re reaching out longer than two hours after your order has been placed, or you’re looking to change your address to a different state, Barcart cannot guarantee that they will be able to satisfy your request.

I missed the carrier’s delivery attempt. What do I do next?

Please be aware it is every customer's responsibility to ensure that someone 21+ is home to sign for the package. Typically, a carrier will attempt delivery 3 times before returning the package to the sender.

If the package is returned to the sender please, email Be aware that there may be additional fees to help offset the costs of retailers accepting returned packages or reshipping orders.

What do I do if my US Shipping order tracking info says that it’s been delivered, but it is missing?​

First, double-check the shipping address to make sure it’s correct. If the address is correct, file a claim with the carrier via your tracking link so that they can begin looking into the matter as soon as possible. 

Is there an option to use expedited shipping for US Shipping orders?

At this time, expedited shipping is not available but broader shipping options are coming in the future.

What name will appear on my bank statement after I place a US Shipping order?

All payments are processed by our e-commerce fulfillment partner, Barcart, so you will see  BARCART/MASH&GRAPE on your statement when completing your purchase.

How do refunds work for US Shipping orders?

Barcart cannot guarantee that a retailer will agree to accept a return or exchange. Please review Barcart’s terms before purchasing and contact Barcart if requesting a refund.

In the event that your order is refunded, the refund will be processed directly by Barcart and may take 5-10 days to post back to your original payment method.

Due to policies set in place by our payment processor, Barcart must refund back to the original payment method. If this payment method is no longer available, you must work directly with your financial institution to retrieve those funds.