New Deal Distiller's Reserve Bourbon Whiskey

Distiller's Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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51% Corn, 44% Soft white wheat, and 5% Malted Barley

This 6-year bourbon is a quintessential wheated bourbon: soft, sweet and mellow. Aromas of toasted coconut, caramel corn & marzipan dominate. You'll love the near-perfect balance of sweet notes from the corn and roasted cereal notes from the wheat--a result of the almost equal parts corn and wheat in the mash bill. Spice notes take a back seat due to the absence of rye, letting notes of butterscotch, cocoa, and sweet grass prevail. Makes a perfect summer sipper that's equally tasty in a Mint Julep, Spiked Sun Tea, or Kentucky Mule.

The soft white wheat was sourced from Double Circle Ranch on the Columbia Plateau east of The Dalles.

Mashed, fermented, double pot-distilled, and aged in charred, new American oak barrels right here in Portland, Oregon. 

86 PROOF  |  43% ALCOHOL BY VOLUME  |  750 ML