New Deal Spring Break Pop Up at Creo Chocolate

New Deal Spring Break Pop Up at Creo Chocolate

Next Saturday, March 23rd, we hope you'll join us at Creo Chocolate's Nob Hill store to sample some New Deal spirits along with Creo's handcrafted small-batch chocolates. It's the perfect time to stock up on Easter treats--and not just for the kiddos!

The founders of Creo Chocolate--the Straub Family--are former berry farmers who gave up their family farm here in Oregon to pursue their dream of developing a hand-crafted and truly sustainable chocolate brand in Portland. They source their heirloom cacao directly from Hacienda Limon in Los Rios, Ecuador. Hacienda Limon's single-origin cacao is grown by multi-generational family farmers and it's quality is certified by the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund, whose mission is to discover, identify and preerve fine flavor heirloom cacao varieties for the conservation of biological diversity and the empowerment of native farming communities.

When the heirloom cacao beans land in Portland, the Creo Crew enlists their unique small-batch manufacturing methods. All steps in the chocolate making process--winnowing, refining, conching, aging, moulding and packaging--have been thoughtfully developed by the Straub family and take place in their Portland facilities. The end result is their award-winning chocolate confections that maintain a deep in connection to their origin in rural Ecuador and help to preserve heirloom cacao farming techniques that support biodiversity and native family farmers.

Creo's commitment to sustainable, small-batch manufacturing methods,  transparent raw material sourcing, and exceptional quality control standards align perfectly with New Deal's own craft spirits manufacturing principles. We hope you'll stop by on Saturday to sample some of Creo's creations paired with our small-batch craft spirits. It's the perfect opportunity to add some local spirit to your home bar cart just in time for Spring cocktails! Guests who purchase a bottle will receive a discount on Creo's Easter goodies so you can make sure your Easter baskets are loaded with local treats! 

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