A Feast Fit for Spring

A Feast Fit for Spring

Springtime in the PNW brings a refreshing array of culinary delights, inviting us to celebrate the season's bounty with vibrant food and cocktail recipes that mirror the renewal around us. As Mother Nature awakens, our tables become a canvas for the bright greens of asparagus, the unique flavor of fiddlehead ferns, the tart juiciness of rhubarb and the delicate fragrance of edible flowers. As the days grow longer, sunny evenings inspire a shift in our cocktail selection towards more floral, herbal, and fruity notes. Imagine sipping on a Gin Blossom or a Rhubarb Collins, each sip infused with the essence of spring, capturing the freshness and optimism of the season in every glass. Together, springtime food and cocktails create a variety of flavors that are as ephemeral and delightful as a sunny day in March, reminding us to savor the moment and the seasonal treasures it brings.


Gin Blossom

Spring is here and so are the cherry blossoms! Gather these beautiful florets for a perfumed simple syrup and enjoy this delightfully floral take on a gin martini.

Pear Mostarda di Frutta

Pear Mostarda di Frutta is to ham what cranberry sauce is to turkey. This robust condiment rides the line between sweet and savory. If you need a ham recipe for Sunday Dinner, try our Whiskey & Apricot Glazed Ham.

Rhubarb Collins

Put a springtime spin on a classic Tom Collins with a tart and tasty rhubarb syrup. Plus, who doesn’t love a pastel pink cocktail?

Spring Green Curry with Ginger Liqueur

Curry sometimes has a reputation as “comfort food”, but this springy recipe challenges that stereotype. A plethora of green vegetables and a spray of fresh herb garnish gives life to this warm soup. Use the best looking veggies you can find at the farmers market.

Elder Flower Power

Spring forward with this floral vodka cocktail with notes of lychee, elder flower, pear, and rose.

Old Tom Gin Braised Leeks

Leeks are an underused allium that deserve to shine in all their glory. This method of braising brings out their sweet, oniony flavor and gives them a luscious texture.

Brandy Warhol

Two delicious brandies come together for one (or six) exciting cocktails. Easily batch this drink for your Spring Break Feast!

Rhubarb and Ginger Mini Galettes

Sweet custard, tart rhubarb, and zippy Ginger Liqueur make this a perfectly balanced, springtime pastry. Have it for breakfast, with afternoon coffee/tea, or serve it warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert!

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